Industries We Serve

Since 33 years, Our Company Industrial valve suppliers a division of Barrington Holdings, LLC involved in supplying, repairing and selling valves for various process industries. With vast experience IVS became leader in Valve industry.

IVS is a global supplier of valves providing a full range of products to a multitude of industries. Our diversified offering of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Needle and Gauge Valves are fully engineered to fulfill client needs throughout the world. We are serving the following industries

Oil & Gas Refining, Production and Exploration:

We offer a wide range of standard and custom manufactured oil and gas valves that can withstand the toughest oil production and gathering processes.

Our inventory of instrument manifolds, check valves, ball valves, needle valves and relief valves are gaining significant market acceptance from companies looking for on-time delivery, leak-free performance, meticulous safety and testing standards, and highly competitive pricing.

Power Generation:

The world relies on the dependability of electricity. The power industry relies on industrial valve suppliers. Fossil and renewable energy power stations around the world choose industrial valve suppliers for our quality, expertise, safety reputation, and competitive pricing. We can meet the all of the power generation industry’s needs.

Our safety and isolation valves can be found throughout biomass, thermal, nuclear, and hydro power installation around the world. We engineer our products to meet or exceed industry-specific safety standards, and can custom manufacture components to unique specifications.

Chemical Processing6:

From research labs and pilot plants to the production process, industrial valve supplier products have proven to be the standard for leak-tight integrity and reliable performance. Industrial valve supplier ball valves, needle valves, inline filters, check and relief valves play a vital role in the processing and manufacturing of some of the world’s most complex products produced by today’s chemical and petrochemical industry.


industrial valve suppliers’ valves have been designed and engineered to meet the ever increasing demands of the cryogenic industry. Velan valves provide you access to a trunnion ball or needle valve design with an assortment of available end connections to meet your cryogenic system requirements.

Municipal & Water/Wastewater Utilities:

industrial valve suppliers serving water and waster water treatment based industrial applications.