Established in 1934, the Grove Regulator Co. became a steady and prolific contributor to the global valve industry. Over a six-decade period, the Grove Regulator Co. registered hundreds of patented valve and regulator designs and serviced a wide range of groundbreaking projects, from World War II submarines and NASA space launches to rocket engine development and deep sea transmission lines.

Early successes in providing valves to the gas transmission industry set the foundation for the brand’s permanent presence in the oil and gas market. One such design was for a high-pressure reducing valve, a design and concept that form the basis of all air-dome regulators manufactured today.

The company’s first boost to profitability came when the Grove product line was acquired by a subsidiary of Standard Oil Co. (now Chevron), who was faced with the challenge of connecting a key gas discovery to their main transmission lines. The Grove products met their needs, and the Grove Regulator Co. almost immediately started receiving inquiries from other companies facing similar obstacles.

In 1971, as large-diameter pipelines were becoming the preferred method of transport for petroleum and natural gas products, the Grove Regulator Co. took its first steps toward globalization, granting a license to manufacture their products in Italy. Even before the plant opened, a notable order for 54” diameter ball valves had been made.

A.G. Industries recognized the potential of these products and acquired Grove Regulator Co. in 1975. In June 1995, the company again was acquired, this time by Dresser Industries to form their newly constructed Dresser Valves Division.

Aware of the strength of the Grove ball and gate valve technology, Cameron added the company to its family in 2005, and added the registered GROVE® brand to its portfolio. Cameron’s GROVE manufacturing plants have played a significant role in the brand’s success. Leading manufacturing technology and processes, and a significant ongoing investment in R&D, all have resulted in GROVE products leading the industry in API 6D side-entry, top-entry and fully welded ball valves and gate valves for the exploration, production, transportation, refining and process markets.

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