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In the late 1890s, Vogt Valve Company pioneered the early development of ammonia absorption refrigeration systems that made artificial ice.

This business plus Vogt’s fledgling boiler business created an internal need for quality valves which gives birth to Vogt’s valves.

Vogt’s early reputation for quality valves and the rapidly growing petroleum processing industry created an outside demand that would firmly establish Vogt in mass production of high quality forged steel valves.

Vogt is now one of the worlds’s leading providers of fluid motion and control Valves. Vogt produce engineered and industrial valves, seals, systems, and automation equipment and provide a range of related flow management services. Their products can handle most volatile and corrosive fluids safely and securely through some of the most extreme temperatures, terrain, and challenging operating environments.

Industries serving:

For more than one hundred years, Vogt’s leadership has been evident in the production of Forged Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass, Bronze and Stainless Steel High Pressure Gate, Globe, Check and Angle Valves in most popular trims and bonnet configurations

The history of Vogt Valve Company traces the development of high quality valve manufacture to meet the growing needs of the nuclear, chemical, petro-chemical, process, utilities and petroleum industries.

Specialist in Nuclear Service:

Vogt offers all types of valves made of forged carbon steel in ½" to 2" sizes as per ASME standards with Pressure classes 150, 300, 600, 900 and 1500 psi. The Vogt valve for nuclear service (with “N” Stamp) is manufactured by FLOWSERVE.

Production facility:

Today the Vogt Valves operation in springs, TX, supports a worldwide network of distributors with access to the world's largest capability for manufacturing of forged steel valves and fittings. This state-of-the-art facility is registered under the most stringent ISO 9001 quality system program.

Vogt Valves - Home of Quality

Vogt Valves has a reputation for high quality and superb product reliability. Vogt became a preferred choice by engineers and maintenance personnel.

Key Features of Vogt:
  • Quality Globe, Gate and Check Valves
  • Valve sizes 1/4 inch through to 4 inch
  • Pressure classes from 150 to 6000
  • Gate Valve with bolted or welded bonnets, in class 150 to 2500 (PN420)
  • Globe Valve with Standard & extended bolted bonnet and bellow seal arrangement up to Class 2680 (PN460)
  • Check valves available as swing check valves, tilted disc, piston check, ball check valves and Y pattern Spring loaded check valve in Class 1690 (PN290)
  • Meets specifications including AMSE B16.34, API602, and NACE

Vogt Valves is a member of Flowserve Flow Control Division, the innovative designs, quality standards and engineering capabilities have made Vogt valves a world leader in valve technology.

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Vogt Valves

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