This is a simple valve that allows the flow of a fluid in a unidirectional manner. The valve has two major openings: one for fluid entry and the other for its passage.

The valves come in a variety of sizes at varying costs. They are small, affordable and also simple. The operation of the check valve is simple and easy to understand. To provide different pressures, the valves have varying spring rates.

They have a wide range of cracking pressures at which they open up. Some circuits require specific cracking pressures. In such a case, one must be keen to look out for the spring on the check valve symbol. A high flow rate causes a distance of the ball or the proppet and its seat. This induces a higher spring force.

Various check valve parts

The major components of a check valve are the inward port, which lets in the materials. The other part is the body. This is the part in which the fluid flows.The other major component is the outward port, from which materials exit. For the correct control of the valve, different parts should not be interchanged, even though they look similar. There are various technologies used in the operation of the check valves. They include single disc, double disc or wafer, ball type, and lift type technologies. Another technology used in controlling the check valve parts is the center or the silent guide technology.

Maintaining a Check Valve

Manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations are always necessary when maintaining a check valve. If replacements or repairs are needed, such recommendations will guide you through the different parts of the valve. Ensure all parts are cleaned and well maintained to ensure the valve’s performance is kept to the standards.

Selecting the right Check valve

Check valves are used in controlling the flow of fluids in pipes. The flow is made to follow a single direction thus reducing the reversal flows. Ensure you understand the various types of check valves available in the market. They include swing check, diaphragm, clapper, ball type and double check. It is always necessary that you know the manufacturer of the check valves. The specific types and models as well as functions of the check valves depend on the manufacturers. It is thus necessary that one takes time to understand the various features and functions of the check valves available in the market.

Check Valve

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