Regulating pipe flow may call for expert skills though not necessary. With detailed information on the right application and operation of the gate valves, one can easily install and use a gate valve.

There are various models currently selling in the market today. However, it is important that one checks out for the right knife gate valve for his or her system. Every type of knife gate valve is best suited for a specific application as highlighted below:

Plastic knife gate valve: This is a gate valve that is most appropriate for the low pressure systems such as aquaculture. They are less costly compared to steel knife gate valves.

Stainless knife gate valve: very commonly found in the market today. The valve is strong to withstand corrosion and handles a bit higher pressures.

Brass knife gate valve: this is similar to the stainless steel one though it is capable of handling greater pressures especially where the gate is made of brass. It is corrosion free thus making it very suitable for most environments.

Selecting the right knife gate valve

Selecting a gate valve requires proper understanding of one’s piping system where it is to be applied. Ensure the pressure and size proportionalities are in place before settling on a specific type of knife gate valve. Depending on the environment of use, one may opt to go for either brass or steel knife gate valve. Plastic knife gate valves are cheaper to acquire though they may not be effective for high pressure systems, as well as corrosive environments.

Always take time to understand the system before deciding on the right model of knife gate valve. Check on the manufacturer’s information as well as the valve size. The pressure requirements also demand the right match of the gate valve used lest the inefficiency of the system. Various knife valves have been produced and designed by different manufacturers. Therefore, keen understanding of the valves is required.

Major parts of the knife gate valve

This type of valve mainly has 5 parts. They include the body, which is basically industrial grade steel. It helps in withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as corrosion. A gate is another part. It helps to stop the flow of fluid once the valve closes. The stem is where the gate is attached and connected to the wheel. A valve seat allows the gate to settle when the valve is closed. At the hand wheel, the valve is operated effectively.

Knife Gate Valve

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