Many different types of check valves have been produced to be used in the oil & gas industry to control the flow of fluids moving through pipe. The valves are very useful as far as fluid flow control is concerned. They help in regulating the speed of flow as well as amount of fluid passing through a piping system. The various features and advantages of swing valves are as highlighted below.

Features of a Swing valve

Swing valve comes in a spectrum of characteristics that are viable for its full usability. It presents in a cover and body as the main, outlook component. This is the feature whose machine castings are precise. It serves to cover the entire valve from the outer environment. Swing valve has an exclusively placed disc, whose shaft does not penetrate the inner body. The valve has a body and cover joint that encloses the gasket fully. It is machined in a very accurate manner. It is important noting that the disc is well built to handle any possible check valve shocks. The valve comes in a variety of sizes and different flanges.

Benefits of a swing valve

The body and cover of the swing valve are well machined to ensure complete enclosure of the inner parts as well as the gasket. This provides safety while operating the valve. The disc shaft is known to be well fixed avoiding any possible penetration into the body. The valves are available in a range of sizes thus easy for buyers to select the right swing valve for their pipes. The disc is known to create a robust mechanism which can appropriately handle the presence of any excessive check valve shocks. It has a lock nut that is used to fasten the non-rotating disc. There is a disc hanger with reliable bearing aspects thus allowing effective operation of the valve.

Maintaining a swing valve

Like every other check valve, swing valves require frequent cleaning and repairs. Ensure that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed while replacing the valves. Operation depends on the correctness of valve fixation. The need for servicing the valve is thus imminent.

Swing Valve

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